Be Wine Smart, Stay Healthy

You enjoy wine. 

Unlike food, however, it is hard to know whether you're consuming high quality wine or something you'd rather not put into your body.

If you really want to know what goes into your bottle, there's nobody better at sharing than those in the trenches.

Like me.

This class is your opportunity to get the real scoop.

Check your Wine Health IQ now!




These are not your run of the mill myths about wine serving temperature or food pairings. These are about what's IN your wine and may just blow your mind... 

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I’ve been in wine production for over 12 yeas and have made wine for some of the largest brands in California. I started my own business to help startup wineries to develop their style and offering by making small lot wines from sustainably farmed grapes that are true to variety and the area where they are grown.

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